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24 contact hours (classroom program)

The ability to help job seekers construct a powerful résumé that will open doors for them is an essential skill for workforce and career development professionals. Having the credential that shows you are among the best-of-the best helps establish your credibility with your customers and increases your value to the organization.


One of the most frequently requested programs by workforce and career development professionals, the CPRW Certification Prep Course is designed to prepare you for the certification exam given by the Professional Association of Résumé Writers (PARW).

Over the past three years, 100% of our Certification Prep Course graduates have gone on to pass the CPRW exam!

Why CPRW Certification?

  • The industry-recognized CPRW credential identifies you as an expert in your field
  • Customers know that they are being served by a highly trained professional
  • Your organization presents a more professional appearance when your credentials are displayed for customers to see
  • CPRW certification is portable, making you a valuable addition to any organization serving job seekers
  • If you are a private practitioner, it documents your expertise and credibility

Why the CPRW Certification Prep Course?

The three-day Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) Certification Prep Course is designed to prepare you for the certification exam given by PARW. You’ll learn about the standards established by PARW, have opportunities to practice the skills required to pass the certification exam, and take an actual practice exam so you’ll be prepared for the real thing. Plus, you’ll earn 24 continuing education contact hours!

100%  of our students over the past three years who took the CPRW exam have passed it and obtained their credential!

Prerequisites: Students should have a least one (1) year experience in writing résumés.

The CPRW certification exam is rigorous and demanding, as it should be, since PARW’s reputation is on the line every time a workforce or career development professional represents him or herself to a client as a CPRW. The CPRW Certification Prep Course helps ensure that you are as prepared to pass the exam as is humanly possible.

By the time you complete the course, you will be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the CPRW certification and even have an opportunity to take a practice exam. As a result, you’ll leave feeling confident and self-assured in your ability to pass the first time you take it for real.

After completing the Certification Prep Course, you will schedule your online CPRW exam with PARW at a time convenient for you, and we will forward the $225 exam fee included in the cost of your registration to PARW on your behalf.

Learn about:

  • Core competencies required for certification
  • The four key elements exam graders look for
  • Seven deadly sins to avoid when taking the exam
  • The modules that comprise the exam
  • Managing your time effectively during the exam
  • Tips for passing the exam
  • Best practices in résumé writing


  • Writing with purpose
  • Spelling and grammar essentials
  • Proofreading skills
  • Creating a résumé package just like the one you’ll be doing for the exam
  • Reviewing résumés and cover letters, seeing them through the eyes of the exam graders

What’s Included:

  1. Three days of classroom instruction
  2. CPRW Certification Study Guide
  3. Résumé Magic book by Susan Whitcomb
  4. PowerPoint slides and learning activity handouts
  5. Job seeker profile for your practice exam
  6. Individual coaching outside the classroom by the instructor
  7. 24 contact hours of continuing education
  8. PARW test application fee ($225)


See requirements for certification.

See Class Schedule page for upcoming classes