Training from the BACK of the Room

12 contact hours

Based on conTraining from the Back of the Roomcepts developed by Sharon Bowman, world-renowned trainer of trainers, this two-day workshop will help you make your classes and/or workshops more interesting, more engaging, and more memorable. Discover a simple process for designing curriculum that makes your life easier and actually helps your attendees learn and apply what they came to class for in the first place.

In the forward to her book, Training from the Back of the Room: 65 Ways to Step Aside and Let Them Learn (included in the cost of your registration), Sharon says it best:

“We talk too much. As trainers and teachers, we bore our learners to death. We don’t mean to. We truly think that we are doing the opposite. But the fact remains: As long as learners are passively sitting and listening to us talk, they are not learning much. . .  the single most challenging thing for us to do is to step aside and allow learners to learn. Real learning takes place when we stop talking and our learners start talking.”