5 Steps to Rapid Employment

Sidney flier photoJay Block’s 5 Steps to Rapid Employment™
Are your job seekers frustrated by how long their job search is taking, and with the lack of results they’re getting?

Is your staff burned out, overworked, and overwhelmed by the numbers and expectations of job seekers?

Has your organization struggled to keep up with the demand for services while also maintaining quality and meeting performance expectations?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, it could be that your job seekers are using outdated job search techniques for a workplace that no longer exists; they are still playing by the old rules, while employers have developed new ways of finding and securing the talent they need. No wonder your job seekers and staff are frustrated! The good news is that there is a solution.


“The 5 Steps program is the best program for landing a job I have seen in my 20 years in workforce development. It provides motivation, inspiration, and hope during a time it’s most needed.” (Tammi Casson, Employment Consultant, Business and Employment Resource Center, Westminster, MD)


Jay Block’s 5 Steps to Rapid Employment™ program is a motivational, holistic step-by-step process that teaches the new skills and advanced self-marketing strategies needed to gain rapid employment. The foundation of the program is empowerment – changing limiting belief systems and motivating students to take full responsibility for their job campaign.

The program teaches a systematic process where new skills, self-marketing tools, and strategies give students a significant competitive advantage in landing the jobs they want quickly and confidently. Many students have reported that it not only led to quick employment, but also literally changed every aspect of their lives.


When is the last time your job seeker customers said things like this  . . .?

“I feel the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment gave me tools to handle all aspects of finding the job I want. From the emotional aspects of unemployment and the struggle to find a job or career to the practical tools that I can use to be successful in my campaign to get what I want and need. I feel empowered and more in control of my life and the process of finding the job I want.” (Jarret Crumback)


Hear What Job Seekers are Saying about the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment program


What are the 5 Steps?

  1. Learning How to Ride the Emotional Roller Coaster
    • Manage emotions – fear and adversity
    • Turn negative emotions into positive results
  2. Defining Your Goal
    • Jobs/careers that enrich your life
    • Work to live, not live to work
  3. Using Value-Based Resumes and Self-Marketing Tools
    • Stand out and get noticed
    • Reference portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and other secret weapons to rapid employment
  4. Creating a Meticulous Action Plan (MAP)
    • The GPS to rapid employment
    • Action plans to take care of you and your campaign
  5. Taking Action and Mastering a Few Self-Marketing Skills
    • New actions create new habits that create a new life
    • The miracle piece to all change – taking massive action


What makes the 5 Steps program different?

Provides a systematic, step-by-step process that takes the mystery and guess work out of landing a job. Customers know where to start, and what to do next all along the way.

Shifts the responsibility for the job campaign back to the customer, changing the expectation that the One-Stop Career Center staff will “get them a job.”  The program teaches principles of success customers can use in all aspects of their lives, emphasizing personal responsibility and the need for action.

Puts the customer in charge of his or her job campaign. The campaign is a proactive plan designed and managed by the job seeker, supported by staff and classmates.

Is a complete “soup-to-nuts” package that includes principles of success, self discovery, labor market research, goal setting, development of self-marketing tools, creation of a job campaign plan, learning and practicing networking and interviewing skills, and strategies to be successful on the job.

Teaches customers how to develop a package of self-marketing tools that goes beyond the traditional resume. Job seekers create a value-based resume, reference portfolio, case study portfolio, and LinkedIn profile.

Uses a holistic approach to help the job seeker identify and align his/her values with work and career goals. Customers create a vision, identify bridging activities to help them achieve it, and are more motivated to push through obstacles when they arise.

Offers flexible delivery options using web-based components and blended classroom workshops.

Proven Results: Attendees who complete the program typically land jobs in less than half the time of the national average.


What People are Saying about the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment program